Primary Health Care Services

We treat a wide variety of common illnesses and provide comprehensive primary, pediatric and geriatric care services at our offices in Lanham, Hyattsville, and Riverdale. To schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please do not hesitate to call us.

Healthcare Services

  Geriatric Care
  • a) Screening for age-related physical conditions
  • b) Preventative Health Screening
  • c) Counseling
  • d) Activity Planning
  • e) Risk Assessment
  Immunizations & Vaccinations
  Routine Examinations
  Weight Loss Management
  Chronic Disease Management
  • a) Diabetes Treatment
  • b) Hypertension
  • c) High Cholesterol
  • d) Kidney Conditions
  • e) Gastric Disorders
  • f) Migraines
  • g) Arthritis
   Pediatric Care
  • a) Asthma
  • b) Childhood Obesity
  • c) Sport Physicals
  • d) Childhood Diabetes
  and more


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