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Welcome to Edge Medical Care

We are honored to participate in your family’s healthcare. Time affects all aspects life, especially the human body. Therefore, to make sure we function in our best condition, it is imperative to receive the necessary healthcare to maintain our bodies. No matter your age, proper healthcare is essential. Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive medical care that will address your health and lifestyle needs. We strive to be accessible to any and all patients of all ages.


Edge Philosophy

Our goal is not only to provide proper and complete medical care, but to also offer medical knowledge in a gentle manner that one can easily understand. Our diagnosis and treatments are based on evidence-based medicine and in that pursuit we periodically review medical journals and articles to be current on our medical knowledge. We maintain our board certifications accordingly


Why Choose Edge Medical Care?

We use electronic medical records and utilize e-prescribe to electronically send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. Therefore, you no longer need to take a paper script to the pharmacy and wait for it to be filled. By the time you arrive at your pharmacy after leaving our office, your medication may be ready. 

We are patient-friendly and professional. Our staff is accommodating and respectful. Our diverse staff loves providing services that improve lives. Additionally, the majority of our staff speaks Spanish. One of our offices focuses on just pediatric medicine (Hyattsville), and our other two offices are primary and pediatric medicine, as well as urgent care. 

We accept most insurances (from Medicaid to PPO) and cash payments.  

George C Ego-Osuala MD
Melvin Ego-Osuala MD
Vahid Khajoee, MD
Stephanie Chisley PA-C
Maryrose Okemmuo PA-C

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